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KEDA Profile
KEDA Industrial Group have been developed from a single-product manufacturer into a diversified company who is committed to becoming an advance-machinery provider and an innovative technical problem-solver for multiple business sectors. Starting from ceramic machinery, KEDA’s business has been explored into something different, including wall material machinery, stone machinery, building materials, lithium-ion battery materials, lithium-ion battery materials machinery, coal gasification, hydraulic pump, smart energy, etc.
KEDA Profile
Science & Technology Innovation
KEDA was named after its strong belief that a corporate will thrive and prosper when it attaches significance to the scientific and technological innovation. By integrating varied resources and platforms from related internal and external stakeholders, KEDA has now achieved a competitive capabilities on self-development researches on core technologies. 20+ research and production bases distributed in Asia, Europe and Africa. 2800+ patents including 470+ invention patents for distinguished industries were authorized by different countries and regions.
  • In 2021
    In 2021
    KEDA Industrial Group developed a PC scheduling and tiles storage system based on 5G network to make full utilization of equipment, reduce personnel allocation and reduce the damage rate of green bodies during transport
  • In 2020
    In 2020
    KEDA Industrial Group launched a digital flexible processing line for sintered stone and stone materials to satisfy customers' requirements for automated, customized and large-scale processing, accelerating the widespread application of sintered stone and artificial stone materials in home field
  • In 2018
    In 2018
    KEDA Industrial Group successfully developed a digital ceramic factory management system capable of remote control, which integrated the new generation of information technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, container cloud, micro-services, and mobile applications into the manufacturing process of ceramic products. The system integrated and linked management process, production, equipment, quality, energy, cost and other businesses of the ceramic industry together, realizing digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises
  • In 2016
    In 2016
    KEDA Industrial Group developed an embedded CNC ceramic deep processing machinery and equipment, which transformed all previous manual operation into digital quantitative operation, so as to realize the digitalization of equipment operation during the production process
  • In 2015
    In 2015
    The "Modular Cascade Regenerative Clean Coal to Gas Technology" passed the national scientific and technological achievements appraisal, realizing the clean and efficient utilization of coal
  • In 2013
    In 2013
    The domestically pioneered large-displacement booster pump was produced for the largest pile driver of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Cross Sea Bridge successfully, mastering the core technology of high-pressure piston pump and achieving the application in national key projects
  • In 2008
    In 2008
    With the successful development of new wall materials forming equipment, KEDA Industrial Group officially entered the field of wall materials machinery, forming a full range of building materials machinery businesses covering ceramic machinery, stone machinery and wall materials machinery;
  • In 2007
    In 2007
    KEDA Industrial Group successfully developed the first fully automatic artificial stone production line in China and officially entered the field of stone machinery
  • In 2006
    In 2006
    KEDA Industrial Group developed the production lines for large-sized ceramic thin plates successfully, taking an important step in the domestic industry in terms of ceramic tile thinning, energy conservation and emission reduction, and leading the way in the production of large-sized ceramic thin plates
  • In 2005
    In 2005
    KEDA developed the world's first "Super Clean and Bright" polishing line, "Magician" distribution system, dry squaring line, and efficient energy-saving kiln successfully, overtaking global competitors in terms of technology and accelerating the popularization and application of polished tiles in China
  • In 1999
    In 1999
    KEDA developed the first large-tonnage ceramic press KD3200, directly benchmarking on the international largest tonnage presses at that time and achieving independent research and development of the ceramic machinery and equipment for the whole production line
  • In 1994
    In 1994
    KEDA developed the first ceramic calibrating machine in China, continuing to improve the series of post-kiln deep processing equipment
  • In 1993
    In 1993
    KEDA developed the first ceramic edging machine in China, with a price of only 1/10 of that of an imported one from Europe, which had promoted a rapid switching of vitrified tiles in China market and an entry into the era of independent development of ceramic deep processing equipment in China
Customized Service
Customized Service
By being creative on business optimization, KEDA is no longer a single-product provider but a comprehensive problem-solver. Not limited to the former role of being a traditional manufacturer, KEDA has combined the manufacture with well-considered service. A full-range service package will be included to help customers maximize their production when the products were sold by KEDA, for example, factories design, production line management, staff training, etc.
Empowering People & Societies
As a global company, KEDA is devoted to creating a rapid-growth and friendly platform for talents with diversified culture backgrounds and skill sets to shine. KEDA cares about how to improve the employee engagement and satisfaction. Apart from that, KEDA has a strong responsibility on making a positive contribution to the local communities’ sustainable development around the world.
  • In 2022, KEDA (Ghana) Ceramics Factory donated ceramic tiles to deaf-mute schools in the Sekondi region
  • In 2021, KEDA Industrial Group donated 3.8 million yuan to support the development of education in Chencun Town, Shunde District, where its headquarter is located
  • In 2020, Anhui Base of KEDA Industrial Group established a flood proofing emergency squad and donated supplied to the afflicted areas
  • In 2019, the community water supply project, named "Spring of Friendship" and invested by KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics Factory for the local nomadic Maasai people, was officially launched
  • In 2018, KEDA DBSA SCHOOL, donated by KEDA Industrial Group, was completed in the second largest slum in Kenya, Mathare 4A
Development History from 1992
On December 8, 1992
Foshan KEDA Metal Works was set up.
In 1993
KEDA developed the first squaring & chamfering machine.
In 1994
KEDA developed the first calibrating machine
In 1995
KEDA developed the first polishing machine
In 1999
KEDA developed the first high-tonnage press—KD3200 in China. On October of the year, press KD3200 was shown on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China
On October 10
KEDA listed on Shanghai Exchange Center
In 2002
KEDA's first ceramic whole line engineering put into production in Vietnam successfully
In 2003
KEDA developed the high-tonnage press—KD7800
In 2005
KEDA developed MODULO charging system, dry squaring & chamfering machine, NANO polishing machine
In 2006
KEDA developed the first production line for ceramic thin slab
In 2007
KEDA developed the first automatic production line for artificial stone
In 2008
KEDA developed forming equipment of new wall material
In 2009
KEDA developed clean coal gasification technology
In 2011
KEDA reorganized HLT
In 2013
KEDA through shaft boost pump was applied for Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
In 2015
The first high speed train shaped kiln was put into production successfully in Indonesia
In 2016
KD16008 press for slab was launched and put into production
In 2016
Complete plant engineering for glazed tile was exported to Turkey, KEDA entered Europe
In 2016
The first interior wide 3.85m roller kiln was launched in India
In 2016
Twyford Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Kenya was put into production.
In 2017
Twyford Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Ghana and Twyford Ceramics Co., Ltd. in Tanzania were put into production
In 2017
The first NC polishing line was exported to USA
In 2018
KEDA Industrial (INDIA) Ltd. officially opened to provide services with faster response and higher cost performance
In 2018
KEDA acquired 60% stake of Italian ceramics company ICF & Welko
In 2018
First complete plant engineering for cellular ceramics was put into service
In 2019
KEDA EUROPE was officially established in Italy, and first contract with SAXA group was signed
In 2019
Centralize controlled smart polishing line was put into production
In 2019
HLT press HT36000 for slab was put into production
In 2022
KEDA Industrial Co. Ltd. issues GDR and starts trading on the SIX Swiss
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