KEDA (KENYA) Ceramics Invested for Fountain of Friendship

    Located in the southwest of Kenya, more than 80 kilometers away from south of Nairobi, Kenya's capital, Inkiwanjani district, the vast grassland is home of Masai people accompanied by cattle and sheep. Serious water shortage is a big problem. In May 2019, KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics invested in the construction of the "Fountain of Friendship" for local communities, which alleviate the region's water shortage for decades greatly. 
    The project costs 6 million ken shillings (approximately RMB 410,000), and supply clean water for more than 70 families including more than 350 people through underground pipeline longer than 6km, can supply water 50 m3/per hour. KEDA (Kenya) Ceramics practices corporate social responsibility, brings welfare to the Kenyan people, and serves as a bridge and messenger for China-Kenya friendship.