"KEDA Dream-Build School" in Masary Slum, Kenya Completed

     Kenya local time: afternoon, 17th August 2018, "KEDA Dream-Build School" inauguration ceremony was held.
     "KEDA Dream-Build School" is located in 4A district, Masary, the second biggest slum in Kenya. The former school was burnt to ash in a blaze and today the new teaching office is completed finally which lasts over 1 year with the help of volunteers and corporate donation. Covering an area of 360 square meters, the school is considered to be the best school in that area with accommodation of 430 students normally.
      As a major donor, KEDA Kenya Ceramic actively cooperates with school construction giving support over both manpower and material resources. To express gratitude to the help from KEDA Kenya Ceramic and DBSA non-profit organization, the school now has renamed KEDA DBSA SCHOOL. 
      KEDA Kenya Ceramic regards active social responsibility fulfillment as a sustainable development strategy in Kenya and thus plays a role in public welfare. It’s the faith of “HOPE” and “LOVE” that gather us together and encourage volunteers to complete the school construction under hard conditions. We wish that every child could continue studying, and have a better future. Hope that the relationship between China and Kenya will be better and better, and happiness will last longer!