KEDA Kenya Ceramic Establishes a Scholarship Project

    Kenya local time: afternoon, 30th November 2018, the 2nd KEDA Maisha Bora Scholarship award ceremony was held in factory’s exhibition hall. Scholarships are offered to poor students in Cagado region who perform well in both qualities and academic, 35 students from high schools, technical schools and universities receive the grants of 500,000 shillings (about 5,000$)in total.
    In 2018, KEDA Kenya Ceramic has made outstanding performance in social responsibilities fulfillment. We built new water wells and highways in community, visited local old people, planted trees in mining area, and sponsored local marathons races, among which scholarship is an important project. Contribution as we made in Kenya, lots of praises were earned from local government, making KEDA Kenya Ceramic stand out among more than 400 Chinese-funded companies in Kenya.