The 1st Centralized Control Polishing Line for Slab Debuted

In December, 2019, the 1st Centralized control polishing line for slab debuted in Gaoming Best, a factory of Guangdong Shuncheng Group, producing 1600×3200×6 (mm) polishing glazed slab.

Centralized control system
The production process of the line is transparent, informationized and traceable, which makes the production management easier and more effective. It is the first time that the polishing management staffs, just sitting in their office, can keep tracing the running situation of this line.
 Video monitoring of all procedures
Digital control machine operation
Automatic generating management reports
Abnormal production auto recognition and control
Tile posture auto regulating
Auto recognition and separating of unqualified product
Parameters (based on 1600×3200×6mm slab)

NC polishing machine
NC auto squaring machine
NC swing type LUXCO coating machine