KEDA Production Line Succeeded in Running in South Korea

On June 6th 2019, a double-layer roller kiln constructed by KEDA was successfully put into production in SAM YOUNG, a well-known ceramic enterprise in South Korea, and the excellence rate reached 95%, which won high recognition of the customer.
The new wall & floor tile production line of SAM YOUNG constructed by KEDA, consists of two presses KD5008, two energy-saving five-layer dryers, one energy-efficient double-layer roller kiln, a smart glazed tile polishing line and squaring & chamfering line. It is the first time that Chinese press entered South Korea. KEDA made a major breakthrough of press and kiln in South Korea market.

Highlight of Double-layer roller kiln

ARFC proportional combustion system
RID roller detection system
RSC remote monitoring
10% energy saving

Highlight of Press KD5008

Fast pressing speed
Uniform density of tile
Stable running
Energy saving


Press KD5008

Five-layer dryer


Double-layer kiln


NC final processing equipment