Rock Slab Production Line—KEDA Offers Solution for Slab Cutting Crack Settling

In 2018, KD16008A press and super-wide kiln for rock slab were introduced to E’meishan Jintao Ceramics Industry, with its excellent product quality and cooperate with well known enterprises in China, KEDA helps the Jintao Ceramics to be one of the most powerful enterprise for the rock slab production.
The first 3.2m wide kiln for the rock slab in the world.
Currently, 1.7~2.5m kiln is used for the rock slab production in China, the Jintao Ceramics is the first to use the super-wide kiln for the rock slab in the world.
Innovative technology helps to offer the solution for the slab crack settling during cutting.
The toughness of the rock slab, also called cutting crack, directly determines the performance of the rock slab. The advantage of Jintao rock slab (brand: Ebi Ancient Rock) is to reduce the cost by increasing the output rate. Besides even charging of KD16008A pressing system, KEDA utilizes the ideal length ratio of pre-heating, firing and cooling; develops a differential pressure proportional combustion control system to improve the uniformity of the oxidizing atmosphere; specially designed high-precision transmission system & kiln temperature field uniform system, transverse combustion and many other kiln optimization designs completely solve the problem of rock slab crack during cutting.


Press KD16008A

Wide kiln for rock slab