Glazed Tile Project Put into Production in GC India

On November 11, after the Diwali Festival, another project was put into production at GC GRANITO LLP in India. The project has a designed production capacity of 16,000 square meters per day, equipped with KEDA KGG-MIH series five-layer dryer and excellent series high-efficiency energy-saving intelligent kiln, and mainly produces 600×600mm, 600×1200mm and other size glazed floor tiles.
GC GRANITO LLP is an emerging ceramic brand in India. It has developed rapidly in recent years, attaches great importance to product quality, and mainly exports to overseas markets.

The smart control system of the kiln enables the fully automated processing of the production, and at the same time carries out big data analysis, and visually displays the production process data such as output, energy consumption, and empty kiln in multiple dimensions.
In addition, two KD5208 automatic hydraulic presses are used to produce 600×600x10mm glazed floor tiles, and KD5208 is KEDA’s main model to produce ordinary glazed floor tiles in India, with an operating speed of 11.5. times per minute or more.
KEDA has developed the Indian market for more than 20 years. In 2021, although the epidemic situation in India has worsened, it has still won recognition of the customer for its innovative technologies accumulation and the spirit of facing the epidemic, as well as the KEDA brand reputation. Several projects will be launched in the future, such as Millennia Tiles, Shreejiworld, Sunshine, etc., which will bring vitality to the local manufacturing industry.

Relying on the advantages of high-quality equipment, rich technical experience, and mature service system, KEDA has provided strong impetus for the construction and commissioning of new production lines of local companies.