The Smart Rock Slab Line Put into Production

On Sep. 9th, the high-end smart healthy rock slab line tailored for Guangdong Zhongsheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. was successfully put into production. The first batch of rock slabs size is 800mm×2000mm×6mm. Other size tiles such as 1200mm×2400mm,1600mm×3000mm will be produced in the future.

The output of this rock slab line is 8000~10000㎡/day,comparing with nowadays normal output 5000㎡/day of rock slab in the market, increased by more than 60%.
The successful application of KEDA’s new-type rock slab press and KD25008  press in Zhongsheng achieves both thickness and thinness in the production of rock slabs, and it’s convenient to switch to other production.
In the meantime, advanced high-end machines such as 7-layer energy-saving (full recycling heat) dryer, the latest industrial 4.0+ digital smart high-end rock slab kiln, tile storage system after-kiln, NC smart polishing line and pre-packing robot grading system have all shown their own magic on the new production line.
KD25008 press is the largest round cylinder type press in ceramic industry so far, with 2.9m main cylinder diameter and 3.85m the distance between columns; and the maximum slab size it can produced is 1600mm×3000mm. It not only retains the consistency of traditional ceramic presses in customer usage habits and press working mode, but also has excellent performance in pressing efficiency, slab quality, powder adaptability, especially in terms of size compatibility.
This kiln developed by KEDA is the latest industry 4.0+ digital smart high-end rock slab kiln, adopts its unique leading technologies-----optimized proportion of pre-heating zone, firing zone and cooling zone; ARFC proportional combustion control system; the third generation ERSIII final cooling heat recycling system; TUKS inner kiln temperature uniform system; ICS smart control system; high precision drive system, etc. These all together perfectly guarantee higher requirements of the firing and cooling for rock slab, than that of ceramic tile, and further ensure no cracking problems  during rock slab being cut.
At the same time, the latest SRS fume heat exchange system is adopted as well, which helps to realize zero fuel consumption (full recycling heat) of 7-layer dryer.

The in-depth cooperation between KEDA and Zhongsheng once again provides an innovative model of rock slab production manufacturing. In the future, KEDA will provide more smart rock slab production lines for the customers, and contribute to accelerating the ceramic industry into the era of rock slab household.