KEDA Smart Plant for Slab Shines on UNICERAMICS EXPO 2020

On July 24, the UNICERAMICS EXPO 2020 ended at Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Affected by the epidemic, two major events of the world ceramics industry——TECNARGILLA 2020 and CERSAIE 2020 were postponed to next year, successful Tanzhou UNICERAMICS EXPO was under the spotlight in 2020. "Creating Smart Plant, Expanding Digital World"was the theme of this exhibition put forward by KEDA.
Smart plant for slab
The rock slab had become the leading role of the exhibition once again. Focusing on the complete plant equipment of rock slab, KEDA exhibited KDB33000 belt-type slab pressing system with maximum slab size up to 3.2m. And the thickness is available from 3 to 20mm. 

Based on the success of more than 10 rock slab kilns at home and abroad, KEDA launched a new generation of RHS series slab kiln. It completely settled the cracking problem during cutting and performed well in energy consumption, power consumption and other aspects.
KEDA also exhibited the centralized control polishing complete line, with the live production of Monalisa factory in Guangxi, and brought the polishing line into smart production era.
Meanwhile, KEDA exhibited heavy load ejecting AGV, high-speed packing line, automatic unpacking line as well as cellular ceramics complete line engineering and digital factory system.
KAMI India, provides quality ceramic glaze and ink, as well as professional and technical services for customers in India and surrounding countries. In addition, KEDA ceramic technology will provide overseas customers with high-quality ceramic consumables and complete plant KNOW-HOW services. 
Centralized signing
KEDA has gained a lot from this exhibition. On July 21, it signed a contract of rock slab production line with Guangdong Xiejin. On July 22, KEDA & HLT signed two contracts with Milano and Kehao, involving equipment of 5 production lines for rock slab. 

KEDA Chairman, Mr. Bian Cheng pointed out that the rock slab helps to expand the ceramic market profit space from 300-400 billion Yuan to more than trillion Yuan. Three renewals are needed for the upgrading of the ceramic tile to rock slab, which are energy saving & consumption reduction, automation promotion and product upgrading. For energy saving, KEDA kiln can reduce 20% energy consumption for factory’s used kiln; for labor reduction, KEDA smartcomplete line can reduce operators by half, and also provide a full range of high-end equipment for slab manufacturing. Therefore, KEDA products and service will attract more and more downstream ceramic enterprises in the new round of upgrading.
More focus
It was worth mentioning that on the opening day, KEDA released Ceramic Community Video -"You and Me", which sparked a lot of discussion. It is a salutation to rock slab, also a present to the ceramic industry. 
The webcast room in the exhibition site was another spotlight from KEDA. The customer around the world can access KEDA latest technology and products through the promotional video. 
This is the first time on-line promotion for KEDA; please visit KEDA Facebook page ( for the live videos.