Overseas Service Keep on Going

Since the full resumption of production from March, KEDA made every effort to complete the customer’s orders and to open up transportation channels to ensure the delivery of equipment to the customers smoothly as fast as possible.
In order to ensure the customers’  production progress ,KEDA made full use of service centers located in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, UAE, Turkey, Italy and other countries, conducting installation and commissioning of machines. On the other hand, KEDA’s technical team urgently made short videos, graphic instructions for installation & commissioning in both English &Chinese,  under the remote guidance, the customers successfully completed the installation and commissioning of multiple devices and put them into production.
There are four KEDA complete lines for quartz slab in Vietnam, at the same time, under construction. There are nine technicians arrived in Vietnam before the airline closing. In order to alleviate the shortage of manpower in the project, Keda has cooperated with customers recently and opened a “green channel” to sent five technicians to Vietnam through the Guangxi Pingxiang Port. 

the complete lines for quartz slab is under construction in Vietnam
With the continuous shipment of the equipment from the end of last year, a small number of service personnel rushed to the customer's site for installation and commissioning of the equipment before the Chinese Lunar New Year. They kept working  in the Middle East, Russia, Turkey and other countries up to five months. Some service personnel rushed to customer's site at the risk of affecting epidemic before the international flight was suspended. It is a good interpretation of the "customer-oriented" service concept. 
India, Turkey and Brazil are also countries with serious epidemics currently. In India, KEDA has set up a spare parts warehouse, and there are more than a dozen service personnel for reliable service. In Turkey, KEDA keeps smooth communication and supplies service through agents and spare parts warehouse with local employees. Anyhow, the Turkey ceramic industry has not been shut down due to the epidemic, and KEDA communicate with customers through telephone, ZOOM video conference, and email directly. In Brazil, KEDA employed the local technicians for service work.

ZOOM video conference become the usual way to communicate with customers
In Vietnam, projects undertaken by KEDA are accelerating. In northern Vietnam, the customer completes the five-layer dryer installation and commissioning successfully under the remote guidance of KEDA for continuous production. In southern Vietnam, a glaze polishing line will also be installed under remote guidance.

the project construction site in Vietnam
In Taiwan, KEDA assisted a well-known building materials group to complete the installation and commissioning one of three glaze polishing lines through remote guidance. With the experience and confidence in the success of the first line, the customer also completed the second and third lines installation and commissioning under remote guidance of KEDA. Customers from Japan, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh have successively signed complete plant equipment such as kilns. 

A well-known building materials group in Taiwan completed the installation through remote guidance
The business managers express: "Although the machines have been installed and put into operation at present, we still arrange technicians to visit the sites and review them one by one to ensure the stability of the customer's production after the flight is resumed.