Isostatic Fettling Machine for Tableware
It is mainly used for tableware green body trimming, up to body diameter 400mm, and it can be used for round or special shaped items.
1. Supporting the use of the isostatic press for ceramic plate, it also can be used for plastic compression and roll forming plate trimming.
2. Rim scanning available for special product trimming.
3. Multi-work position simultaneous actions, high automation and efficiency, lower labor intensity.
4. Fewer man-made intervene, low breakage rate, stable quality.
1. Modular design, multi-work position simultaneous actions for continuous trimming.
2. Function modular design, the structure including tile receiving, feeding, trimming, discharging and stacking unit, easier installation.
3. Handle wheel adjustment for convenient product changing.
4. Inverter controlled motor guarantees stable speed variation for different products.
5. High precision test unit guarantees uniformity of special product.