Isostatic Press for Tableware

Technical Description
Automatic Isostatic Press KDR400 is used for ceramic tray pressing; it is a KEDA self-dependent invention with internationally advanced technology based on experience of ceramics press manufacturing, and accords with tray technical requirements and features of isostatic pressing.   
It is developed on the basis of industrialized production. The maximum diameter of product is φ365mm; and it can produce round or special (square, oval) shaped tray or dish ware with border and relievo.
Advantages of Isostatic Pressing
1. Ceramic dry powder as raw material.
2. High density and stability of pressed tray; remove defects like deformation and crack in plastic or roll pressing products; high finished products rate and low cost.
3. Available for industrialized production, fully automatic, with highly productive efficiency and low labor intensity.
4. Uniform products.
5. No drying process during firing, which saves energy and reduces cost.
1. Classic and mature 3-beam, 4-column structure: whole preloaded column with less elastic deformation and with strong anti-wearing capacity.
2. Pull rod guiding center beam guarantees high precision.
3. Rapid mould-changing, convenient mould assembly/disassembly greatly shortens the time.
4. Special material guarantees super antiwear and tenacity of soft mould.
5. Advanced servo closed-cycle control technology guarantees minimal thickness error; stable and reliable hydraulic system.
6. Siemens PLC control technology for electrical system, which is highly reliable and practical; it can display main cylinder, isostatic cylinder pressure curve and main cylinder displacement curve.
7. Formula storage, auto alarm and remote control function.