Complete Line after Kiln


Tick Tile & Rustic Tile Single Firing Production Line


KEDA Wide-body Kiln for Thick Tile Set New Benchmark

In 2021, the thick tile production increased rapidly in Fujian China, at present, there are about 100 thick tile production lines in Fujian. The rise of the thick tile production provides new growth space for Fujian exterior wall tile manufacturers, but it also brings mixed quality and vicious price competition, many production lines have been transformed from the exterior wall tile production lines, for which, the quality and energy consumption cannot be guaranteed.

Recently, two wide-body kilns constructed by KEDA in Fujian have been successfully put into operation, setting a new benchmark in Fujian production area in terms of kiln output and unit energy consumption.
Fujian Jinjiang Xiangda Ceramics' new production line for thick tile and rustic tile, is designed with output of 10,000 ㎡/day, at present, its output has reached 11,000㎡/day. Its products mainly include 300 × 300(mm), 300 × 600(mm), 600 × 600(mm), 600×900(mm), 600×1200(mm), with thickness from 12-30mm and water absorption rate from 0.15%-0.2%.

Xiangda Ceramics was founded in 1992 and located in Cizao Town, Jinjiang City. As one of the drafter of the industry standard for "thick tiles", Xiangda Ceramics currently has two production lines, mainly engaged in thick tiles and wall curtain panels production, with output over 20,000 ㎡/day.

The new production line of Caiba Ceramics in Quanzhou, Fujian mainly produces thick tiles with thickness 18mm from 300×300(mm) to 600×1200 (mm), the water absorption from 0.2%-0.3%, and the designed output of the kiln is 12,000㎡/day. The current output reaches 13,000 ㎡/day, and the annual output can reach 4.6 million ㎡.
Caiba Ceramics was built in 1995 and located in Cizao Town, Jinjiang City. The production base covers an area of more than 300 mu and has an annual production capacity over 10 million square meters. Its full body tile kiln output for exterior wall tile and rustic tile have been widely praised by the customer for their excellent product quality, and have become one of the iconic brands in Fujian production area. Its products are exported to Europe, America and the Middle East.

For the problems of difficult drying, oxidation, slow cooling, heavy load and slow transmission of thick tiles in firing, KEDA has adopted a number of innovative measures such as multi-layer drying, oxidation in advance, and enhanced transmission to ensure product quality; at the same time, gas consumption is lowered through fully combustion, and the combustion-supporting air heating technology, the automatic temperature control technology, and the recycling heat utilization. The overall energy consumption of Xiangda and Caiba are as low as 2.3 Nm³/㎡ of natural gas.

In Fujian production area, there are 10 thick tile production lines provided by KEDA, leading thick tile kilns development towards wide body, large output and low energy consumption, which has promoted the upgrading of products and production lines, and endowed the product with stronger vitality.


Glazed Tile Project Put into Production in GC India

On November 11, after the Diwali Festival, another project was put into production at GC GRANITO LLP in India. The project has a designed production capacity of 16,000 square meters per day, equipped with KEDA KGG-MIH series five-layer dryer and excellent series high-efficiency energy-saving intelligent kiln, and mainly produces 600×600mm, 600×1200mm and other size glazed floor tiles.
GC GRANITO LLP is an emerging ceramic brand in India. It has developed rapidly in recent years, attaches great importance to product quality, and mainly exports to overseas markets.

The smart control system of the kiln enables the fully automated processing of the production, and at the same time carries out big data analysis, and visually displays the production process data such as output, energy consumption, and empty kiln in multiple dimensions.
In addition, two KD5208 automatic hydraulic presses are used to produce 600×600x10mm glazed floor tiles, and KD5208 is KEDA’s main model to produce ordinary glazed floor tiles in India, with an operating speed of 11.5. times per minute or more.
KEDA has developed the Indian market for more than 20 years. In 2021, although the epidemic situation in India has worsened, it has still won recognition of the customer for its innovative technologies accumulation and the spirit of facing the epidemic, as well as the KEDA brand reputation. Several projects will be launched in the future, such as Millennia Tiles, Shreejiworld, Sunshine, etc., which will bring vitality to the local manufacturing industry.

Relying on the advantages of high-quality equipment, rich technical experience, and mature service system, KEDA has provided strong impetus for the construction and commissioning of new production lines of local companies.


Complete Plant Engineering after Kiln 3D Cartoon


KEDA Splendid Show at UNICERAMICS EXPO 2021

 On July 20, 2021, UNICERAMICS EXPO was grandly opened in Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. KEDA was themed of "Flexibility·Interconnection·Efficiency·Intelligence", focused on the latest technology and equipment at the 3,190 ㎡ stand in Hall 9.


For the complete production line after kiln, KEDA showed the new products of polishing, packing, smart transportation & storage system with unified design. In the future, KEDA will provide optimized complete line after kiln plan for the customer, which will further help them to improve production efficiency, reduce the investment and operation cost.


▲ NC polishing machine for thin slab


▲ Full-size auto-adjustment  packing machine


▲ Stacking laser AGV&7-axis robot sorting line


The trend of rock slab is sweeping the world. KEDA exhibited complete line equipment for slab and rock slab, such as press, 5G smart double layer kiln, CNC intelligent thin slab polishing machine, digital flexible processing line for rock slab and stone, laser AGV for stacked rock slab and seven-axis robot sorting line.


▲ 5G smart double-layer roller kiln for rock slab


▲ Flexible processing for sintered slab and stone

 In addition, KEDA also showed complete plant engineering for cellular ceramic factory, table ware engineering, digital ceramic factory, and diversified solution of inorganic solid waste. KEDA subsidiary, ICF WELKO also attended the exhibition again.


In the 5G era, we hope that we can connect devices and devices, people and devices more closely through our innovation and efforts to push the industry forward. In the next few days, we will push more detailed exhibition reports, looking forward to interaction with you.