One Week: 2 New Rock Slab Lines Put Into Production

In September, two rock slab production lines built by KEDA for E’meishan Jintao Ceramics and Shengshi Dongfang were successively put into production, accelerating the product upgrade and brand promotion for enterprises in the western production areas.
1st line for Jintao with press KD8508  and 2.5m width kiln
Milestone for Jintao's development in the field of slab:
● In 2012, Jintao started the research and development of thin slab;
● In 2017, Jintao planed for the large-scale rock slab;
● In 2018, KEDA built the first rock slab production line above 2.4 meters for Jintao in southwestern China;
● In 2019, Jintao became the first enterprise in China to produce 800x2600x15(mm) kitchen countertops.
On Sept. 19, the new high-end smart rock slab production line built by KEDA for Jintao was put into production successfully, which further diversified production line, improved productivity, reduced application costs and strengthen market competitiveness for Jintao.
This production line mainly produced rock slab with special specifications (700x1300(mm), 800x1400(mm), 800x1600(mm), 900x1800(mm)). The maximum specification is 1000x2000(mm), and the maximum daily output reaches 8500㎡(800x1600x9mm).
In recent two years, small rock slab became popular in the market. Owe to the features of fast pressing speed (up to 9 times/min for 800x1600mm rock slab), stability and reliability, uniform pressing force and small thickness errors, KD8508 has become one of the first choices for enterprises to product small rock slab less than 1000x2000(mm), and it is also one of the main best-selling model of KEDA this year.
In 2018, the rock slab kiln built by KEDA for Jintao achieved two firsts in the industry——the first super-wide rock slab kiln with an inner width of 3.2m and the first kiln adopted transversal-firing mode.
On the new production line, transversal-firing mode is also used in the smart super-wide rock slab kiln, and which makes special designs for advoiding cutting crack, high-precision drive system, upgraded energy-saving system and smart control system.

According to product customization and application system, Jintao has developed different specifications of rock slab, including 600x1200(mm), 700x1300(mm), 800x1400(mm), 800x1600(mm), 800x2000(mm), 800x2600(mm), 900x1800(mm), 1200x2400(mm), 1200x2600(mm), and the thickness is from 6mm to 9mm, 10mm, 15mm, 18mm and 20mm.

At present, the third production line for 3mm rock slab is under construction by KEDA, which will be put into production in end of this year.
2nd line for Shengshi Dongfang with the latest 4.0+ digital kiln
On the 1200x2400(mm) high-end smart production line of Shengshi Dongfang, latest 4.0+ digital rock slab kiln, 7-layer energy-saving (full recycled heat) dryer, full-line tile storage system after kiln, NC polishing production line for ceramic rock slab, compatible auto packing line for slab are all designed and provided by KEDA.
In the factory of Shengshi Dongfang, the finished rock slabs are processed by water jet on site, achieving a perfect 45-degree cutting without any chipping or defective round hole. 

To avoid cutting crack and small chip while processing special hole or irregular parts, KEDA take them into consideration during the kiln design period. The kiln adopts KEDA’s unique leading technology: “3-zone” proportional optimization, ARFC proportional combustion control system, the third generation of ERSIII final cooling heat recycling system, TUKS inner-kiln temperature field uniform system, ICS smart control system, HPTS high-precision drive system, etc.

In addition, considering that rock slab has high degree of customizing, its thickness ranges from 6mm-20mm, no matter thick or thin, large or small, the rock slab kiln has the features of well adaptability and high output. The output of kiln for Shengshi Dongfang is 12300㎡ per day.

KEDA also provided the first complete plant tile storage system in the southwest China, which storage capacity is 150000㎡. It plays a role of dispatching between kiln and polishing line which can freely classify and flexibly deploy the product according to different colors on different rails.



The Smart Rock Slab Line Put into Production

On Sep. 9th, the high-end smart healthy rock slab line tailored for Guangdong Zhongsheng Ceramics Co., Ltd. was successfully put into production. The first batch of rock slabs size is 800mm×2000mm×6mm. Other size tiles such as 1200mm×2400mm,1600mm×3000mm will be produced in the future.

The output of this rock slab line is 8000~10000㎡/day,comparing with nowadays normal output 5000㎡/day of rock slab in the market, increased by more than 60%.
The successful application of KEDA’s new-type rock slab press and KD25008  press in Zhongsheng achieves both thickness and thinness in the production of rock slabs, and it’s convenient to switch to other production.
In the meantime, advanced high-end machines such as 7-layer energy-saving (full recycling heat) dryer, the latest industrial 4.0+ digital smart high-end rock slab kiln, tile storage system after-kiln, NC smart polishing line and pre-packing robot grading system have all shown their own magic on the new production line.
KD25008 press is the largest round cylinder type press in ceramic industry so far, with 2.9m main cylinder diameter and 3.85m the distance between columns; and the maximum slab size it can produced is 1600mm×3000mm. It not only retains the consistency of traditional ceramic presses in customer usage habits and press working mode, but also has excellent performance in pressing efficiency, slab quality, powder adaptability, especially in terms of size compatibility.
This kiln developed by KEDA is the latest industry 4.0+ digital smart high-end rock slab kiln, adopts its unique leading technologies-----optimized proportion of pre-heating zone, firing zone and cooling zone; ARFC proportional combustion control system; the third generation ERSIII final cooling heat recycling system; TUKS inner kiln temperature uniform system; ICS smart control system; high precision drive system, etc. These all together perfectly guarantee higher requirements of the firing and cooling for rock slab, than that of ceramic tile, and further ensure no cracking problems  during rock slab being cut.
At the same time, the latest SRS fume heat exchange system is adopted as well, which helps to realize zero fuel consumption (full recycling heat) of 7-layer dryer.

The in-depth cooperation between KEDA and Zhongsheng once again provides an innovative model of rock slab production manufacturing. In the future, KEDA will provide more smart rock slab production lines for the customers, and contribute to accelerating the ceramic industry into the era of rock slab household.


KEDA Smart Plant for Slab Shines on UNICERAMICS EXPO 2020

On July 24, the UNICERAMICS EXPO 2020 ended at Foshan Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Affected by the epidemic, two major events of the world ceramics industry——TECNARGILLA 2020 and CERSAIE 2020 were postponed to next year, successful Tanzhou UNICERAMICS EXPO was under the spotlight in 2020. "Creating Smart Plant, Expanding Digital World"was the theme of this exhibition put forward by KEDA.
Smart plant for slab
The rock slab had become the leading role of the exhibition once again. Focusing on the complete plant equipment of rock slab, KEDA exhibited KDB33000 belt-type slab pressing system with maximum slab size up to 3.2m. And the thickness is available from 3 to 20mm. 

Based on the success of more than 10 rock slab kilns at home and abroad, KEDA launched a new generation of RHS series slab kiln. It completely settled the cracking problem during cutting and performed well in energy consumption, power consumption and other aspects.
KEDA also exhibited the centralized control polishing complete line, with the live production of Monalisa factory in Guangxi, and brought the polishing line into smart production era.
Meanwhile, KEDA exhibited heavy load ejecting AGV, high-speed packing line, automatic unpacking line as well as cellular ceramics complete line engineering and digital factory system.
KAMI India, provides quality ceramic glaze and ink, as well as professional and technical services for customers in India and surrounding countries. In addition, KEDA ceramic technology will provide overseas customers with high-quality ceramic consumables and complete plant KNOW-HOW services. 
Centralized signing
KEDA has gained a lot from this exhibition. On July 21, it signed a contract of rock slab production line with Guangdong Xiejin. On July 22, KEDA & HLT signed two contracts with Milano and Kehao, involving equipment of 5 production lines for rock slab. 

KEDA Chairman, Mr. Bian Cheng pointed out that the rock slab helps to expand the ceramic market profit space from 300-400 billion Yuan to more than trillion Yuan. Three renewals are needed for the upgrading of the ceramic tile to rock slab, which are energy saving & consumption reduction, automation promotion and product upgrading. For energy saving, KEDA kiln can reduce 20% energy consumption for factory’s used kiln; for labor reduction, KEDA smartcomplete line can reduce operators by half, and also provide a full range of high-end equipment for slab manufacturing. Therefore, KEDA products and service will attract more and more downstream ceramic enterprises in the new round of upgrading.
More focus
It was worth mentioning that on the opening day, KEDA released Ceramic Community Video -"You and Me", which sparked a lot of discussion. It is a salutation to rock slab, also a present to the ceramic industry. 
The webcast room in the exhibition site was another spotlight from KEDA. The customer around the world can access KEDA latest technology and products through the promotional video. 
This is the first time on-line promotion for KEDA; please visit KEDA Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/kedachina.cn/) for the live videos.




Overseas Service Keep on Going

Since the full resumption of production from March, KEDA made every effort to complete the customer’s orders and to open up transportation channels to ensure the delivery of equipment to the customers smoothly as fast as possible.
In order to ensure the customers’  production progress ,KEDA made full use of service centers located in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, UAE, Turkey, Italy and other countries, conducting installation and commissioning of machines. On the other hand, KEDA’s technical team urgently made short videos, graphic instructions for installation & commissioning in both English &Chinese,  under the remote guidance, the customers successfully completed the installation and commissioning of multiple devices and put them into production.
There are four KEDA complete lines for quartz slab in Vietnam, at the same time, under construction. There are nine technicians arrived in Vietnam before the airline closing. In order to alleviate the shortage of manpower in the project, Keda has cooperated with customers recently and opened a “green channel” to sent five technicians to Vietnam through the Guangxi Pingxiang Port. 

the complete lines for quartz slab is under construction in Vietnam
With the continuous shipment of the equipment from the end of last year, a small number of service personnel rushed to the customer's site for installation and commissioning of the equipment before the Chinese Lunar New Year. They kept working  in the Middle East, Russia, Turkey and other countries up to five months. Some service personnel rushed to customer's site at the risk of affecting epidemic before the international flight was suspended. It is a good interpretation of the "customer-oriented" service concept. 
India, Turkey and Brazil are also countries with serious epidemics currently. In India, KEDA has set up a spare parts warehouse, and there are more than a dozen service personnel for reliable service. In Turkey, KEDA keeps smooth communication and supplies service through agents and spare parts warehouse with local employees. Anyhow, the Turkey ceramic industry has not been shut down due to the epidemic, and KEDA communicate with customers through telephone, ZOOM video conference, and email directly. In Brazil, KEDA employed the local technicians for service work.

ZOOM video conference become the usual way to communicate with customers
In Vietnam, projects undertaken by KEDA are accelerating. In northern Vietnam, the customer completes the five-layer dryer installation and commissioning successfully under the remote guidance of KEDA for continuous production. In southern Vietnam, a glaze polishing line will also be installed under remote guidance.

the project construction site in Vietnam
In Taiwan, KEDA assisted a well-known building materials group to complete the installation and commissioning one of three glaze polishing lines through remote guidance. With the experience and confidence in the success of the first line, the customer also completed the second and third lines installation and commissioning under remote guidance of KEDA. Customers from Japan, Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh have successively signed complete plant equipment such as kilns. 

A well-known building materials group in Taiwan completed the installation through remote guidance
The business managers express: "Although the machines have been installed and put into operation at present, we still arrange technicians to visit the sites and review them one by one to ensure the stability of the customer's production after the flight is resumed.


KEDA Double-layer Wide Kiln Ignited Smoothly in Huayu

On May 28, the largest double-layer wide  kiln in China developed by KEDA was ignited smoothly in Huayu, Shandong province.

It is the first double-layer kiln for biscuit firing and glost firing researched and constructed by KEDA in China. The kiln is with inner width 3.45m and length 210m, designed output 36,000㎡ per day, and 10 pieces 300×600mm interior wall tile per row. 
In terms of technological innovation,  it adopts combustion air heating system for the first time, the third-generation ERS final cooling heat recovery system and energy-saving burners, which greatly reduce the energy consumption.

The KEDA team began construction of this kiln on March 14, suffering the late supply of materials and the strict quarantine of COVID-19 required by local government, finally just took 65 days, 5 days in advance, completing this project.
KEDA double-layer kilns have been exported to Vietnam, Turkey and South Korea; in China, KEDA has contracted a double-layer kiln for biscuit firing to Aodajia, Guangxi province.

Double-layer kiln is a good choice for the ceramic enterprises with limited space. It not only reduces land occupation, but also saves energy. KEDA, has being devoted to researching kiln technology for more than 20 years, will continue innovating, create greater value for customers.